Steel Sheets

Sheet Steel is a product that is ideally suited for different types of commercial architectural or industrial applications. HB Steel offers commercial quality steel sheets, commercial quality sheets are versatile enough to use for a variety of uses that require bending, punching, welding and lock forming. Commercial quality galvanized sheets from 30 gauge to 14 gauge are also considered LFQ (lock forming quality) according to ASTM A653 (formerly ASTM A525 and A527).

Galvanized steel sheet: Galvanized steel sheet and coil is an excellent product where corrosion resistance, as well as an economical product is desired. The zinc coating on galvanized steel sheet is available in various coating levels with G-60 being most common and G-90 available where additional corrosion resistance is required. Lighter and heavier coatings are available as special orders or as part of a steel stocking program.

Heavier gauge galvanized sheets (14 gauge through 8 gauge) are produced according to ASTM A653 (formerly A526). Contractors and manufacturers use steel sheet for many applications were an economic yet durable product is required.

Hot Rolled Sheet - Hot rolled steel sheet is produced in accordance with ASTM A569. This is considered carbon steel sheet and has a maximum carbon content of .15%. ASTM A569 hot rolled steel sheet is intended for applications that require bending, moderate forming or drawing and welding. This material is paintable, however, considerable surface preparation will improve the quality of paint adhesion. Alternative specs for hot rolled sheet refer to the steel sheet or steel coil as AISI-SAE C1011.

Cold-rolled sheet: Cold rolled steel sheet is ordered to ASTM A366 (C1008). HB Steel stocks cold rolled steel sheets with a light matte finish and light oil. Unlike hot rolled steel sheets’ blue/black color, cold rolled steel sheet have a uniform smooth dull grey finish. They will paint well although oil should be removed first for better results.

Cold rolled sheets are often specified over hot rolled sheets when a good surface quality is requested, often for exposed parts. Mechanical properties and chemical properties of cold rolled sheet will vary less within the coil/sheet than with hot rolled sheet. Commercial quality cold rolled sheet is subject to some loss of ductility over time.

Galvannealed sheet: HB Steel stocks Galvannealed steel sheet and coil according to ASTM A653. Galvannealed steel sheet is often referred to as paintlok because it is an excellent product when the ability to paint is important. Customers use galvannealed sheet when both corrosion resistance and ease of painting are critical. Galvannealed steel sheet has the same characteristics as galvanized sheet in that it is bendable and weldable and is available in lock forming quality from 14 gauge to 24 gauge. The zinc coating on galvannealed sheet or coil provides superior corrosion resistance at an economical price. The steel is colored a battleship grey that and will accept paint with minimum surface preparation. Galvannealed sheet/coil is subject to staining as often from moisture than get trapped between sheets or the laps of coil. HB Steel stocks galvannealed sheet dry (no oil) and with no chemical treat (for better performance when painting). HB steel will not accept claims for galvanneald coil or sheet ordered dry with no chemical treat that develop storage stains. If this is a concern please address this with your sales representative before ordering galvannealed steel sheet or coil.

Commercial Quality Steel: Commercial Steel quality sheet can be bent in any direction at room temperature to meet a specific level of strength and formability. It is used for applications where the strength of the sheet is an important design criterion