Harry Brainum Jr., opened shop in 1918 with one hoist way. Originally involved in the scrap metal business, HB Steel quickly turned into a jobber shop serving the growing construction industry. HB Steel was now stocking and reselling sheets to the construction and roofing industries.

After World War II, Harry's son Elliot Brainum joined the company. As soldiers returned to the US from abroad, they were eager to provide for their families. The construction market began to grow rapidly as did HB Steel. In 1960, Harry retired and seven years later in 1967, Elliot took over ownership of the company after Harry's death.

  Harry Brainum Jr.  

Elliot expanded the company, while always being careful not to sacrifice the personal service to which customers had become accustomed. To this day the same philosophy persists. Each year improvements are made to the facilities and the product line is updated. The company still keeps a mindful eye on the specific requirements of each customer.

In 1976 Elliots daughter, Gail Brainum, joined the company. Then in 1978, Richard Cooper joined the team to head up Sales in the NY metro area and is now the Vice President of the company. In 1993, Gail became President of the company after Elliot's death and continues to nurture the traditions that have been a part of the company for close to a century.

Gail's son, Jarett Siegel, began working for the company in 1994 making Harry Brainum Jr. Inc. a fourth generation family-run business. In 1997 he was appointed General Manager and immediately began taking steps to help bring the company into the 21st century. Today, HB Steel has customers in a wide variety of industries including Roofing, Construction, HVAC, Metal Stamping, Precision Sheet Metal, and Manufacturing


As one of the oldest family owned and operated Steel Service Centers in the country, we know our customers and employees are key elements for us to endure and excel in this increasingly competitive industry. At Harry Brainum Jr. Inc., we keep to the standard of treating our clients how we would like to be treated. We pay special attention to every order regardless of the size.

It is our company policy to keep prime material in stock in all forms (sheet & coil) for immediate delivery. In order to assure arrival of material on time we operate our own fleet of trucks and provide "Just in Time" delivery. Whether the order is a ton or a truckload, we deliver material to you as needed.